About Gabriel’s Promise

About Gabriel’s Promise

To understand who we are, first, meet Gabriel. Born to an impoverished family in Bolivia, Gabriel captured the hearts of Paul and Carol Nester and was quickly adopted through World Vision, a humanitarian aid organization. Feeling the support of this boy on their hearts, Paul and Carol organized and formed Gabriel’s Promise.

At its core, Gabriel’s Promise is comprised of and fully encompasses serving people in need. Conceived out of love and empathy, and propelled from a deep-seated conviction of helping our fellow man, our support ensures the necessary infrastructure for Gabriel’s village. Through well drilling to provide access to safe drinking water, and providing the adequate and nutritious food we extend the hand of human kindness to those in need.

Paul and Carol are currently researching other opportunities to assist children in need of compassion and care. Supporting Gabriel in his native country led to foster children in their local area. It is a mission that Paul and Carol are passionate about. Providing love, stability, education, and nutrition for the next generation is a win, win, win.

Gabriel’s Promise has headquarters in Venice Florida. We are currently focusing on local support for our CBD for sale in Sarasota, Tampa, Venice, and North Port Florida areas as well as nationally through this website.

Paul Carey Nester - Gabriel's Promise CBD OilPaul Carey Nester, CNC, spends much of his time and has devoted a large part of his life to helping people suffering from nutritional and related health problems. Paul’s inspiration and drive come from watching his mother battle and suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Paul’s mother ultimately succumbed to her disease. Carol Nester, NC, has a long history of working with non-profit organizations, whether in a rural health care setting or behind the scenes in an administrative capacity for Vietnam veterans.

Carol Nester - Gabriel's Promise CBD OilFrom her own experience as a military wife, Carol’s passion to assist the brave men and women adjusting to being home again extend’s to dealing with the wide range of residual complications brought on by military service, including PTSD. Armed with their experience and determination, Paul and Carol learned about the myriad of beneficial uses and applications of CBD. As a complex, non-psychoactive compound produced by and harvested from agricultural hemp plants, CBD is not marijuana. According to Carol, “Deployment to war zones is hard on veterans and equally difficult for the family. “

When the veteran returns home the adjustment for all parties takes time and in some cases never happens. The global medical community is conducting clinical trials and discovering the far-reaching effects of CBD in treating general and specific medical maladies. CBD is not a panacea. Studies have shown these compounds do not “cure” as the conventionally accepted definition outlines.

Gabriel’s Promise offers safe, legal, wholly organic products. Coupled with education and new information being discovered daily, improved overall health is possible. The ever growing scope of solutions CBD offers increases and brings hope a little closer for everyone. Join Paul and Carol with Gabriel’s Promise in being that hope.